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Providing entertainment for the guests can now go far beyond just delivering the best in marine speakers and a selection of audio to the deck. Now we have many choices for bringing TV and movies on deck. Whether it be for CNN at breakfast or evening outdoor movie entertainment, let us help you choose from the different technologies available.

Outdoor Music


Ocean Media chooses the highest quality marine speakers available bringing you amazing sound with very little aesthetic impact. Some of the choices of audio include iPod servers, Satellite TV- Music, XM, Sirius, and Kaleidescape music.

Outdoor TV


Open up another area to entertainment by bringing TV on deck with either removable super thin and bright LED LCD TV’s or permanently mounted water resistant, climate controlled LCD’s. Advances in technology have made the later much more energy efficient than their older counterparts,while providing a green solution.

Outdoor Theaters

Take it to the next level by bringing full cinema surround sound and projection outside. With a push of a button turn your sundeck into an outdoor theater, as the screen comes out of the deckhead, the projector automatically comes out of a sealed hatch, the lights dim, and the movie cues up. Wow your audience with a stunning projector under the stars. We promise it will be an experience that the guests will tell all their friends about and leave the owner proud.