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Interior Entertainment

Main salon to the master stateroom. We design and install Audio / Video systems that will take the owners expectations of what yacht entertainment should be to new levels. Gone are the days of yacht systems taking second place to home systems. We are now able to bring shipboard the very best the entertainment industry has to offer.

Media Rooms

Have your main salon, sky lounge, or MSR converted into a virtual movie theater at the touch of a single button. Ocean Media’s design team has years of experience hiding technology in multi-purpose media rooms so that the entertainment components do not dominate the room’s décor or use. Mask your flat screen with motorized artwork that reveals the hidden TV. Have a motorized projection screen descend from cabinetry and a hidden trap-door in the ceiling reveal a projector for a immersive cinema experience. Modern speaker technology has allowed us to create extraordinary surround sound from discreet speaker locations.

Dedicated Theaters


Experience total immersion in your Yacht Theater with picture and sound quality exceeding the local Cineplex. Escape reality in the comfort of your yacht with an Ocean Media home theater screening room, designed for your performance and aesthetic goals. One-touch control starts the action…lights fade slowly, the curtains open, the movie cues…it is time for an unforgettable experience!

Extensive home theater design and installation experience ensures that your yacht cinema will be one of your favorite destinations. Careful attention to room dimensions, component selection, acoustic design, projector screen, and seating placement will result in a award-winning project.

A high-performance yacht theater is the result of much more than just purchasing high-end electronics, it is the result of a knowledgeable team with years of real-world experience in choosing the best components for a given budget and installing these components and tuning them to your room’s unique acoustics. Success is guaranteed with early system design before the keel is laid.

Multi-room HD


Your guests and crew are important too, and that is why, with the advances in HD video and sound, we can deliver many forms of media to all cabins. Now with Crestron and their new Digital Media delivery system, we can deliver HD signals via copper and fiber to every cabin. Choices that include Satellite, Kaleidescape, Cameras as well as multi-room audio, all seamlessly at the touch of a button.