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Onboard Automation

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Lighting Control

Lighting is an essential element to any yacht. Sconces, under cabinet, high hats, floor lamps, accent, and architectural lights enhance the overall design and decor of a yacht.
Lighting levels from these fixtures provide the comfort, convenience and ambiance for every guest and every occasion. Rows of switches and dimmers on the walls add clutter and detract from the aesthetics of a room. Manually adjusting sliders and knobs is awkward and cumbersome. Control groups of lights, or each fixture individually, from a stylish keypad or striking touchpanel. You can even activate preset scenes, such as “movie,” “dinner party,” “good night,” or “cleaning” with the press of a button. Simple yet sophisticated automation solutions ensure that all environmental systems – including lighting, shades, and thermostats – work together to deliver maximum efficiency at all times.

Today’s modern yachts are larger and include more installed technology than ever before, sometimes making simple tasks complex. Ocean Media, utilizing Crestron, streamlines and simplifies all of the technology so you can relax. Control the temperature, lights, drapes, music, and security cameras from anywhere on the yacht. Lighting automation inherently reduces energy consumption versus the traditional toggle switch and is the only automation sub-system that reduces rather than consumes energy. By integrating occupancy sensors we can turn off unused lights and turn on lights when the owner wakes up in the middle of the night. By using an astronomical clock we can automatically activate exterior lights precisely at sunset each day. Lights are only on when needed, without wasting a minute of energy. Save 10% in energy costs by limiting maximum light levels to just 90%, a difference you’ll barely notice. Even more, dimming and fade rates extend light bulb life. Dimmable fixtures include incandescent, halogen and LED. Ocean Media provides convenient, intelligent, and sophisticated control of your yachts interior and exterior lighting for both new build and retrofit.


Drapes Control


You can automatically close the drapes at night for privacy or adjust the shades during the day to protect furniture and artwork from harmful direct sunlight. Starting a presentation or watching a movie, push a single button to turn on the AV devices and automatically lower the shades to reduce glare on the displays and maximize visibility. Using Lutron QED shading solutions, we can take any cabin and motorize the window treatment silently. We are also able to control virtually any existing make and model of motorized window treatments.
Screen Automation

Advancements now allow us to automate almost anything. Although TVs are a lot more attractive then they use to be, most owners still prefer to hide them. There are many choices, purpose built marine lifts both indoor and outdoor, artwork that conceals TVs or even mirrors that have TVs hidden behind them in the owners bath. Give us a call to discuss options on you next project.