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Onboard Systems

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Surveillance and Security


In these changing times state-of-the-art surveillance and security are of top priority. Yachts are large targets of wealth and power. We take the best technology and customize it into the aesthetics of the yacht without compromise. Our systems include FLIR FULL HD Night Vision, high mega pixel CCTV camera’s, Biometric finger print readers, IP based access control, streaming IP Camera feeds and DVR’s. We take your security and safety very seriously.

Phone / Intercom Systems

Ocean Media installs and services Cisco and Panasonic digital IP-based phone systems. These systems are chosen for their ease of use, reliability and extensive functionality. Many of the yachts afloat will have Panasonic’s older phone systems with handsets that are built into the walls and cabinetry. We can now upgrade these systems and leave the current hand sets in place creating a hybrid system which can be upgraded to include the new DECT wireless handsets and IP phones.

VSAT Internet

Your vessel is your retreat. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to get away from it all and still have everything right at your fingertips? SeaMobile┬« makes it possible. Whether you want the consistency of a traditional voice line, the flexibility of using a personal cell phone at sea, or the convenience of Internet access, SeaMobile has a custom solution for you. On top of crystal clear coverage through our industry leading global MTN VSAT satellite network, you can also get exciting additional options like Ocean – News™, which gives you your choice of over 730 worldwide newspapers delivered electronically to your yacht. With SeaMobile, you can stay connected, anywhere you decide to roam. Ocean Media is a MSP partner of MTN Seamobile. Call today to find out what real broadband at sea is all about.

IT and Computer networking


With the increasing importance of the Internet and computer networks shipboard today, it is more important than ever to ensure that your computer networks are designed and installed with proper care and expertise for reliability, performance, and security. This is why we use CISCO network products exclusively. Nearly all systems aboard now use the yachts network to communicate, to stream video or to access the internet for updates. Poor quality network switches can cripple a yacht, not only affecting the AV, but communications and in some cases navigation as well. This is why it is critical to install high quality managed switches. Ocean media not only installs these switches but also adds additional wiring, so that if a port on a switch does fail, there is a new path to take and all equipment continues to function normally. We also have the ability to monitor the vessel remotely and have the system send us messages on a daily basis, reporting on the health of the network.